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Welcome to ERE Lettings

Overseas Investors, Expats and UK Landlords trust us to manage and maximise the yield from their portfolios of high quality buy-to-let apartments. We manage deposits, collect rent and adhere to legal obligations and safety requirements for our landlords. Our large portfolio is managed and backed by our dedicated team of experienced and qualified property managers. Our service is fully flexible. From maintenance and financial management, to property investment advice and compliance, we tailor our service to suit your requirements.

Financial Experts often recommend a diversified portfolio of investment split three ways across: Cash/Bonds, Stock Market & Property. Our expertise is in making Property as simple and ‘hassle free’ an investment as Bonds or the Stock Market, whilst allowing you to both diversify your investment portfolio and access the high yields and capital growth that buy to let property investments can provide.

ERE Lettings – Making Property Investment Simple, Profitable & Enjoyable.